Callling our members to participate in Shaping the Future

Message from Chief Commissioner Gary Pienaar

Last month, on the 27th April, we celebrated ‘Freedom Day’ and for some remembered what it was like to participate in South Africa’s very first democratic elections back in 1994.  On that day, South Africans from all walks of life came together and shared together, sometimes standing in long queues to cast their ballot.  Through this symbolic act, their voice was heard and was able to usher in the beginnings of a new society for all.

Thirty years has since past, and other elections have come and gone.  And while South Africa is still faced with many challenges that impact our lives daily, the privilege of being able to vote and participate in the democratic process, is as important as ever.

SCOUTS South Africa is a non-political, non-profit organisation which strives to develop young people into the thinking and caring citizens of the future.  Through our focus on a values-based programme, grounded in the Scout Promise and Law, we hope to bring about small but meaningful change in our local communities and in society at large.  Our ‘learning by doing’ approach also encourages members to take action in addressing these challenges, rather than simply complaining about them.

child drawing sa flagSo, in the next few days, South Africans will once again be called upon to influence the path that our country will take over the next five years.  As leaders and influencers in our communities, I encourage all our Scouting volunteers – particularly those who have just come of age and are eligible and registered to vote, to do their civic duty and cast their vote in these elections.  This is a freedom that many South Africans fought hard for, and a duty that we must embrace as the future leaders of this country.

You have the ability to shape the future!