Call for nominations: position of Deputy Chief Scout

With the inauguration of the Chief Scout, and the indication at the Lekgotla that there was largely support for the proposed role of a Deputy Chief Scout, this position will be filled as an acting role at this time. The role can only be formalised once the membership have voted for the necessary constitutional changes.

Nominees for the role should have:

  • experience of Scouting;
  • an understanding of the organisation structure;
  • an understanding of the current strategic intent;
  • a sound understanding of the current SSA Policies;
  • good leadership, management and communication skills;
  • demonstrated ability to develop, implement and oversee strategic initiatives;
  • conflict management skills;
  • ability to travel to the regions;
  • access to email and office facilities will be a requirement.
  • Proficiency in English is a requirement and the ability to speak any of the indigenous languages including Sepedi, siSwati, IsiZulu or isiXhosa.

Job description for Deputy Chief Scout:

To find out what the job entails click here

Nomination procedure:

To nominate a person for this position fill in this nomination form and send it to before closing of business on 12 November 2017.