Competition: design the logo for Sanjamb 2017

Send in your design to win this rucksack

Design the new Sanjamb event logo and mark the return of this iconic event in South African Scouting! The winning design will be used on all Sanjamb communication, materials and merchandise. The winning logo designer will receive a fabulous rucksack sponsored by Trappers and valued at R1600.

The specs:

  • Create a design that is approximately 6cm x 6cm round, oval or square and submit your entry in PDF or JPEG to by the 2nd of June 2017.
  • Include a slogan that speaks to the following concepts/inspirational direction: “Live the Scouting Adventure, Rainbow Nation, Spirit of Adventure, Brownsea Island, BP Spirit…”

Design Elements:

There are some elements the design must contain:

  • The wording “Sanjamb 2017”
  • A slogan in line with the inspirational direction above
  • A visual reference to the theme and/or South Africa

Elements that cannot be used:

  • The World Scout logo/emblem (fleur-de-lis)
  • The SCOUTS South Africa logo

How will the designs be judged?

Entries will be judged on how it looks in colour and black & white, and how it represents SCOUTS South Africa without using the SSA or WOSM logo’s and in keeping with the SSA marketing policy.


Your design must be an original idea and you must agree to give SCOUTS South Africa the rights to the design, in other words your total permission to use your design now and in the future for free.

Who can enter?

Any SCOUTS South Africa member can enter: Scouts, Rovers, Scouters and Commissioners.


A big thank you to Trappers who have sponsored the prize for the competition. The winner will receive a rucksack to the value of R1600!


Yours in Scouting
Rolf Ludwig, Sanjamb Camp Chief